Happy Hop

Drop to the seat and commit to fit

Look ahead like ya mean it

Hello lady your purse looks like it’s hungry

It looks like I’m not out of money

I’m pretty hungry but I’ll just drink

I really can’t decide what to think

I should only need a couple words

To get your precious attention

Did you know we are being recorded

Frame by frame on a strip of film

Unraveling across the universe

Let’s lean in for the next shot

We are captured, entangled forever

Tonight in our forgetfulness of time

Slowed and softly hugged and held

By our energy made whole in mass

If you don’t see me again or

If I don’t see you again

I wanna talk to you about what your heart needs

Why are you playing with your hair

I think it’s because you like me

I’m wearing white glasses because I’m lonely

You are pretty when you are disgusted

Let’s go there and get a girlie drink

You don’t know me but ya don’t have to

Too late we’re circling each other’s wells

I’m gonna probably flirt with you

I wanna see you again somewhere

It’s ok you can love me even though

You don’t know everything about me

Here’s a little piece of me to take home

I know you can’t give me anything

So brave my dear to show yourself

I’m not the same as the others

I’m your kin don’t leave me now


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