Happy Hop

Drop to the seat and commit to fit

Look ahead like ya mean it

Hello lady your purse looks like it’s hungry

It looks like I’m not out of money

I’m pretty hungry but I’ll just drink

I really can’t decide what to think

I should only need a couple words

To get your precious attention

Did you know we are being recorded

Frame by frame on a strip of film

Unraveling across the universe

Let’s lean in for the next shot

We are captured, entangled forever

Tonight in our forgetfulness of time

Slowed and softly hugged and held

By our energy made whole in mass

If you don’t see me again or

If I don’t see you again

I wanna talk to you about what your heart needs

Why are you playing with your hair

I think it’s because you like me

I’m wearing white glasses because I’m lonely

You are pretty when you are disgusted

Let’s go there and get a girlie drink

You don’t know me but ya don’t have to

Too late we’re circling each other’s wells

I’m gonna probably flirt with you

I wanna see you again somewhere

It’s ok you can love me even though

You don’t know everything about me

Here’s a little piece of me to take home

I know you can’t give me anything

So brave my dear to show yourself

I’m not the same as the others

I’m your kin don’t leave me now

Random Kingdom

Day dreams and memories are all we got

The rest just melts away into two dimensions

Will you sit on the cooler and talk with me

I want to tell you how I feel then run away

Let’s do something today we won’t remember or forget


I Groove and move around all the time
I Never sit where I can pace
I thinly insulate myself from inertia
Whenever I feel stuck I disintegrate


Bring on your beam of sores and rot and light

My thoughts are what hold my particles together

My energy will return to the Earth not to space

I shoot the greatest weapon in the multiverse

But yesterday, today and tomorrow you will forget


Fade to Gray

Since when will never be known

The rough stuff has had enough

To peel and eat another time again

Washing and waxing every hour

Bleeds away until morning gray


Every day one last chance to stay

Hands pressed above our heads

On her back and lined with shadows

Swim a wave as deep as the universe

Until there is nothing left but space


Event Horizon


We had us and our nerves were freed

Off the lip and from the hip deflected

We didn’t start to finish what we started

She ended up dropping her pills to the floor


Sympathies are a symphony played by different deaths

Squeezing the timeless silent fall into the event horizon

Pulled thin by words caught in the plasma stream

She left me a trail of footsteps in the melting snow


The collapse bounced leaving a rose in the hypernova

Light pushed through the window replacing my reflection

Particles entangled and far apart in a veil of phosphorescence

She graced the cosmos with the end and beginning in time space


Pulling apart faster than light is a friendly death

It still grows dark but the hope dies slower

These breaths I take and give that keep me thinking

She can catch and take inside if the winds blow








Missed Ya

Whenever I look up into you I see the sky

It’s too big for you and it’s too thick for me

You came up too fast and I missed ya going down

I lay on my back and watch my balloon


Vapor Country

Hurtin is easy but it makes my stomach mad

Crying down is kinda like you’re wearin plaid

When it looks like seein ain’t enough

And when it feels like thinkin is too much

I’ll be sittin down into my little seat

Missing out on everything that you see

Under my skin is the universe of course

But inside us never seems to mold a form

I’ll look down and try to find your crown

But first you got to stop and turn around

I wouldn’t say I’ve never thought of you

Only underneath the sun and moon

Forever never seemed to be untouched

I’m guessing today was not too much

Tomorrow seems to be another foggy day

I’ll just part my arms to make it go away

Sunnyside Blues

Tunnel toward banded bag,

Smothered softly voices vibrate,

Jutted jaw (back) hitting hammers,

Falling forests (are) silent still,


Morning murders suffered sleep,

Tacit takes from (the) faceless,

Marbles mouthing (with) knots and needles,

Gauntest grave (from) cratered crawl,


Past present (are) side (by) side,

Leaching lights cross convex,

Inside irises flash photons,

You and yours brought back,


To (me.)